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Reddit is a social media platform that is focused on individual communities called “subreddits”. These are communities that have a shared interest, such as Digital Marketing. With over 330 million monthly unique visitors, Reddit has a very large, global reach.

Reddit Ads Agency

There are a range of advertising options offered on Reddit that are accessed directly through their advertising platform. With Reddit Ads, your business can target specific interests or communities (subreddits), and pay based on the number of views your advert gets (CPM) or the number of clicks it generates (CPC).

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How are Reddit Ads Targeted?

Reddit Ads can be targeted based on users' interests or by specific communities (subreddits). For example, one of the most popular subreddits is “DIY”, which is a community focused on users being able to share DIY projects or ask questions and get answers for others. This could be a great place for an online tool shop to advertise!

In addition to targeting based on communities, Reddit Ads also offers standard online targeting, such as the user’s location, the device they are using, and time of day.

Reddit Ads are displayed in a very similar way to organic posts on the site. Therefore, it is important that the advert design and wording is suitable, engaging, and interesting for the users you are targeting.

How to Create Engaging Reddit Ads?

As Reddit is made of multiple community subreddits, it is important that any ads you show are relevant to that community. If you are running an Ad on “AskReddit” and it isn’t worded as a question, it may stand out for all the wrong reasons!

It is important to research the nuances of each community your adverts will be running in, so that you seem like an authentic contributor to the subreddit. Ideally, your business account that will be running the adverts should have some genuine, organic participation in the subreddit to build a positive reputation.

Much of Reddit is built from genuine, value-add content from its users. Therefore, when a business is trying to advertise on the platform, it is important that they become part of the community to achieve the best results. In many ways, it would be just the same as if someone joined a club and immediately started talking about something they want to sell you, rather than first building a relationship with the community.

Who uses Reddit?

Reddit has a global audience. In March 2019, there were over 1.6 Billion visits to Reddit. That doesn’t include visits generated from the Reddit App. This makes Reddit one of the largest websites in the world.

Generally, Reddit is used by a younger, male audience. In the US, data shows that over 45% of the 25-34 age range have used Reddit and 69% of their users are male.

These visits aren’t quick either, with the average duration on Reddit being over 16 minutes. To put that in perspective, many of the other largest websites in the world average a site time of around six-and-a-half minutes.

Is Reddit Advertising Cheaper than Facebook Ads?

Reddit Ads are a good option to consider alongside Facebook Ads and other Digital Marketing channels. While the Reddit Ads platform is not as advanced as others - such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads - in many situations, Reddit Ads can provide traffic at a lower cost than alternatives. As with other Digital Marketing platforms, the cost of your adverts depends on who are you are trying to reach, how many other advertisers are trying to reach that same audience, and how relevant/engaging your advert is to that audience.

When comparing Reddit Ads to other platforms, it is important to see how each platform fits into your business's overall Digital Marketing strategy. If Reddit is identified as a suitable source of traffic, data and analytics can then be used to identify how it performs against other advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

Reddit Ads can be very effective when used as a source of “cold” traffic (users who have not engaged with your business before), who can then be re-targeted on other platforms.


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