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LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. With over 630 million professionals active on the platform, it is a great way to reach business to business (B2B) audiences.

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At NoVoodoo, our team of social media marketing experts work with your business to identify if LinkedIn ads could be beneficial and, if they can, create and implement a marketing strategy for your company.

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Where are LinkedIn Ads Shown?

There is a range of advertising options on LinkedIn, including:

Boosting your content posts
LinkedIn message adverts
LinkedIn Timeline ads
Side Banner Ads (text ads)

LinkedIn Ads can be presented as text, images, and video formats, with each providing benefits depending on your business's goals.

How are LinkedIn Ads Targeted?

As LinkedIn is primarily focused on business professionals, the targeting of LinkedIn ads is focused on that demographic. As a business, you can target your adverts to users based on their job title, their industry, job function, and many other professional factors.

For businesses that are providing a product or service to other businesses, LinkedIn Ads provides a somewhat unique offering, since it is designed specifically for that purpose. That also means, for businesses that aren’t targeting professionals in a professional capacity, LinkedIn is probably not a good fit.

An easy, rough guide for if LinkedIn ads would be good for your product or service, is if the person seeing your advert would want to engage with it while at work!

How much do LinkedIn Ads cost?

The cost of advertising on LinkedIn is typically higher than on other social media platforms. This is mainly due to it having users who are generally more in demand from advertisers than other social networks.

LinkedIn ads are either charged on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM) basis. While these costs are often higher than on other social networks, for businesses that are trying to reach other professionals in a professional capacity, this higher cost can be justified due to better results and return on investment.

How can LinkedIn Ads Help my Business?

If your business needs to reach business professionals in a B2B capacity, LinkedIn Ads is one of the best ways to do so. With over 630 million active users, LinkedIn is the global leader as a professional social network.

The LinkedIn Ads platform is not as advanced as the Facebook Ads platform, but still provides businesses with a lot of control over their advertising campaigns. This allows businesses and digital marketing experts to plan, track, and optimise their advertising campaigns on the platform to maximise return on investment.

LinkedIn ads can also be a useful platform to build targeted remarketing audiences, which can then be used with other online advertising platforms.


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