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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks available. It is part of the Facebook ecosystem, and therefore businesses have a wide range of options to run adverts on Instagram.

Instagram Ads Agency

At NoVoodoo, our team of social media marketing experts can help your business stand out using Instagram Ads. We work with you to research and create an Instagram Ads strategy that will maximise your results on the platform.

Instagram Ads can be shown in different ways across the Instagram platform.

These include:

Instagram Feed
Instagram Explore
Instagram Stories
All other Facebook placements

As Instagram is primarily a visual social media platform, Instagram Ads are highly focused on the images used. Unlike many online adverts, the majority of Instagram placements favour verticle (portrait) layouts.

Instagram Ads Management 

Why use Instagram Ads?

Instagram advertising is a social media marketing platform that allows you to reach potential new customers whilst they are browsing social media through paid advertising. Instagram is a very visual platform that can help to grow brand awareness, website traffic, leads and revenue. As Instagram advertising is run through Facebook Ad Manager, you are able to take advantage of Facebook’s detailed targeting options and demographic data, as well as their user-friendly interface. 

The audience on Instagram is a little different to Facebook - there are fewer users and there is a larger demographic of younger users. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean your target audience isn’t on Instagram and it’s important to remember that engagement rates are generally higher on Instagram than Facebook. 

When creating a strategy for Instagram Ads, there are a lot of important factors to take into account. NoVoodoo has broken this down into five key areas:


Business goals

What are your business goals for the next 3/6/9/12 months?

Setting your goals is always the first step when creating any marketing strategy as this will give you something to aim towards as well as allowing you to set KPIs in order to judge your campaign’s performance.


Copy & Creative

What creative do you have that is going to engage your audience? 

Instagram is a highly visual platform, meaning that your creative needs to be highly engaging for your audience or you won’t see the results you’re looking for. This can include video and images that are going to be appealing for your customers, fit in with your overall brand image and stand out from the crowd.



Who is your target audience? 

If you’re already using Facebook advertising, finding your target audience on Instagram is going to be a lot easier. As with Facebook ads, you can target users on Instagram in a number of ways, including location, demographics, interests, behaviours and lookalikes.


Competitor Analysis

Are your competitors using Instagram ads?

Competitor analysis into whether your competitors are using Instagram advertising, the creative they are using and what gets the most engagement can be really helpful when you are looking whether to start an Instagram campaign. If your competitors aren’t using Instagram, is there a reason for this, or is it something they are missing out on?



How are you targeting users at each stage of the buying funnel?

Using Instagram Ads, you can target using Facebook’s detailed demographic targeting options, as well as remarketing. For example, this could be to previous customers, people who have visited your website or users who’ve been to the checkout. If you’re utilising other methods of digital marketing, Instagram advertising could be an important step in your user’s buying journey.


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How are Instagram Ads Targeted?

Instagram Advertising uses demographic-based targeting. This involves targeting your adverts to users based on aspects such as their interests, age, and location. Additionally, Instagram Ads have a large array of retargeting options, which allows you to specifically target users who have previously engaged with your business or completed certain steps, such as adding an item to an online cart.

What is the Best Targeting for Instagram Ads?

Identifying and refining the audiences you target with Instagram Ads is one of the most important steps to running an effective and profitable campaign. If you already have information about your ideal customers, that is a good place to start. From there, it is possible to run multiple versions of adverts and targeting to establish which targeting is providing the best results for your business.

In order to effectively optimise your Instagram Ads, it is essential that you have correctly set up the analytics and tracking systems Instagram Ads uses, so that you have access to the data required to improve.

As Instagram Ads are part of the Facebook advertising platform, businesses benefit from a large number of powerful tools, including conversion tracking and machine learning systems. A business or Digital Marketing agency can use this data to improve your return on investment from Instagram Ads.

How can Instagram Ads help my Business?

Instagram Ads are a powerful tool for Digital Marketing. They provide a wide range of advertising options and a very large potential audience on a global scale.

As a primarily visual social network, businesses that have a visual appeal, such as eCommerce businesses, can be some of the best-use cases for Instagram Ads. However, as Instagram is such a popular service, the majority of businesses can benefit from using Instagram Ads when it is set up and monitored correctly.

It is important that, whenever a business starts using an advertising platform, there is a well-informed strategy and reporting in place to avoid wasting its budget.

How much do Instagram Ads Cost?

As an advertiser using Instagram Ads, you are able to set your budget for different campaigns. The amount each advert costs varies based on a few factors, such as who you are targeting, the number of other advertisers who want to reach that audience, and how engaging/relevant your advert is to that audience.

It is important to have realistic expectations when working with any form of Digital Marketing, and to have a clearly defined Digital Marketing strategy in place. This ensures that your business can monitor how each advertising platform or campaign is performing.


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