Social Media Marketing

The internet is increasingly becoming a social platform. From mainstream services like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to less obvious platforms like Reddit or Quora, the way both consumers and other businesses use social media is expanding. Additionally, customers are increasingly utilising social proof given by review sites or messenger apps as a key part of their buying decisions!

Social Media Marketing Agency

Our team has decades of experience effectively planning and implementing social media strategies and campaigns. We have managed social media marketing for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. Before you begin marketing on social media, it is important to establish a strategy with defined goals so you can understand what you are trying to achieve and have a better understanding of how you’re going to do so. When creating a social media marketing strategy, it is important to consider the following factors:

• Your target audience
• The platforms you’re going to use
• What your competitors are doing, and also what they aren’t
• The content you’re going to use
• The amount of budget you want to spend
• The CPA (cost-per-acquisition) you can afford
• How you’re going to track your results

Social Media Audiences

You most likely already have an idea of who your target customer is. When it comes to social media marketing, there are many different ways to reach these users, with each platform offering varying targeting options. These can include targeting by demographics (e.g age/gender/location), behaviour (based on actions users take), interests and even job titles. If you have a good understanding of your target audience, you’re already halfway there and will find it much easier to reach the right users.

However, if you’re not sure who your target audience might be, it is possible to establish this over time by testing out different audiences and reviewing the results - in fact, this is something that social media platforms excel at. It is also possible to target users that have previously interacted with your company, either through social media or your website. These audiences are called remarketing audiences.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

There are many different social media platforms available for social media marketing. Each platform has a unique appeal, with various target options available and also a different user base. For this reason, you may find some platforms more suitable for your company’s social media marketing than others.

For example, if your audience for your e-commerce business is more mature, you may have more success with Facebook than you might with TikTok. On the other hand, if you are marketing a B2B company, LinkedIn has much more detailed targeting allowing you to target specific industries, companies and job titles.

Competitor Analysis

Analysing your competitor's social media will give you insights into what’s working for them and what they might be missing out on. It allows you to see what your customers are engaging with, allowing you to take inspiration whilst also creating a point of difference between you and your competitors.

You may find that your top competitors are all currently promoting a 15% discount across their site, and so to compete you could also look at introducing a promotion.

Social Media Content

Social media marketing involves the creation and sharing of content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. This can include creative text, image and video content. Social media is all about engaging with each other, therefore, the more engaging your content is, the better the performance of your campaign will be. Creating content that stands out from the crowd, is appropriate for your target audience and is consistent with your brand is the best way to ensure that your social media marketing delivers the results you’re looking for.

CPA (cost-per-acquisition)

How much are you willing to spend for each new customer? Are you willing to have a higher CPA for some products because the profit margin is higher? This is a question that, often, people don’t know the answer to. However, setting a maximum cost-per-acquisition (AKA the most you can afford to spend for each new customer) will give you a much better indication into how your marketing is performing.

Social Media Conversion Tracking

In order to understand the impact your social media marketing is having on your business, and whether you’re heading in the right direction to achieve your goals it is important to track your performance.

This can often be done within the platforms themselves, with metrics such as clicks, impressions and cost-per-click available. Creating UTM (urchin-tracking-module) tags and tracking your performance in software such as Google Analytics enable you to have a more holistic view of each channel’s performance and see your customers entire journey.

Our team have over 20 years experience in Social Media Marketing, including Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin Advertising.

Based in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, the NoVoodoo team have worked on an array of varying clients including B2B lead generation and B2C e-commerce.

As is the case with all digital marketing work we aren't limited to the Lincolnshire area with our current clients based all over the UK and internationally.


More information about Social Media Marketing that you may find useful

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Is social media marketing effective?

Social Media Marketing can be an effective part of many marketing strategies when used correctly and for the right reasons. Social Media Marketing can help to improve your brand awareness and loyalty, generate traffic for your site and increase leads and sales.

Can social media marketing increase brand awareness?

Social media marketing is an easy and cost-effective way of reaching new potential customers by delivering image and video advertisements. It allows you to give your brand a personality, share important updates and interact with your customers.

Which social media marketing platform is the best?

When it comes to social media marketing, there are many platforms to choose from including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Where you choose to advertise should depend on who your audience is, what you are trying to achieve and how much you have to invest in your social media marketing.

What is the definition of Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of targeting social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in order to increase brand awareness and promote products. SMM can include both paid and unpaid content with many social media sites offering paid advertising platforms.

How much does Social Media Marketing cost?

The amount you choose to spend on Social Media Marketing depends on many factors including what you are trying to achieve, the quality of your campaigns and the extent of your targeting.

How can Social Media Marketing increase sales?

There are many ways that Social Media Marketing can increase your sales - it is always a good idea to analyse your market/customers in detail to ensure you have decided on the most effective and cost-efficient strategy for your company.

How does Social Media Marketing work?

Social Media Marketing works by interacting and engaging with your audience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, usually with the intent of increasing your brand awareness, customer engagement and product sales.

How does Social Media Marketing help businesses?

Social Media Marketing can be very effective for businesses in strengthening their customer relationships, increase web traffic and gain market insights. It allows businesses another method of keeping in touch with their customer base, as well as reaching new potential customers online.

Who should use Social Media Marketing?

There is an argument that most businesses would benefit from using social media as it is a fantastic way of interacting with and allowing your customers to contact you through another channel. However, not every business will benefit from paid social advertising and thorough research should be done before this decision is made.


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