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Remarketing Ads are advertisements that you choose to show users who have already interacted with your company in some way. For example, if they have visited your website, clicked on/interacted with a specific ad or liked your social media page. Remarketing can be an essential stage in the sales funnel. However, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t necessary for every business.

Remarketing Agency

Our expert team of digital marketing experts will be able to work with you to create a tactical and research-based marketing strategy, and help you decide if remarketing is something that will benefit your business - and, if so, to what level and on which platform.

Remarketing Audiences

In order to create a remarketing campaign, you will need to decide on the audience you want to remarket to. For instance, a common audience with e-commerce sites is users who have abandoned a cart at the checkout stage as these users have shown that they have a high intent of converting by reaching the checkout stage. A remarketing ad is useful here as it may work as a simple reminder for the user to return to the site and complete the purchase.

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How does remarketing work?

Remarketing works when code is installed on your website to enable you to track users. For example, the Facebook Pixel will allow you to track users who reach your site through Facebook Advertising, and the Global Site Tag will allow you to track users on Google Analytics from Google Ads.

Once this code is installed and tested, you can begin to build your chosen audiences to remarket to.

Where/when are remarketing ads displayed?

Remarketing can be implemented on many advertising platforms including Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing), YouTube and LinkedIn. When creating a remarketing campaign, you will need to choose which audience you want to target and which placements you want your ads to appear on.

Why is remarketing effective?

As well as an effective way of staying engaged with your audience, conversion rates for returning users have been proven to be much higher than first-time visitors, therefore, it makes sense to remind these users to return to your website.


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