Is Email Marketing Dead?

No doubt, someone will have told you that email marketing is dead. Well, it isn’t. Very much like lots of other ‘traditional’ forms of marketing, email marketing can hold a very important place within your marketing strategy.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

No doubt, someone will have told you that email marketing is dead. Well, it isn’t. Very much like lots of other ‘traditional’ forms of marketing, email marketing can hold a very important place within your marketing strategy.

As with every other channel you choose, you have to ensure you have the right audience and message before you start. Yes, you can tweak that message and audience along the way (it’s very important to keep an eye on your analytics!) but knowing who you want to reach, how and with what message is vitally important.

According to Hubspot, 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email. Think about when you tick that all-important communication preference box these days (if you tick it at all) I certainly know my preference is to receive communications from brands I trust, aspire to or buy from by email. I’ll read it in my own time and take the action I feel necessary.

In addition to being able to choose when and how I read communications from brands; I also take my commitment to the environment seriously too. I can choose to make small changes to the things I do which, if everyone does the same, can make a huge difference to the world we live in. So, email communications are a great way of encouraging that change.

Where do you start?

Start by understanding what you want to achieve, who your audience are and making sure you have the facility to collect these email addresses. How? Create a lead form on your website, it’s a really quick and easy way of taking people’s basic contact information and their interests. Keep it simple and easy to use and make sure you’re checking the information coming through and that it’s stored safely.

The next thing to consider is how you encourage people to part with their email address, what are you going to offer them?

· White papers

· Questionnaires or surveys

· Free webinars

· Infographics

· Share advice, top tips and ‘how to’ guides

What are the benefits of email marketing?

I mentioned above that email marketing can form an important part of your overall marketing strategy and that really is the case, there are plenty of benefits to email marketing, here’s just a few.

· It’s easy to measure - most systems these days offer great insights into how your campaign is performing.

· Easy to share - if someone likes what they see from you, an email is really easy to share with family and friends.

· You can track customer journeys – link your email marketing with your existing website analytics and CRM system and you have an insight into the journey your customer takes.

· You're talking to an already engaged audience – if someone has given you their email address, then you can be fairly sure they want to hear from you!

· It’s low cost - there are lots of free email tools out there, such as Mailchimp which allow you to talk to your customers through emails.

· You can get a really wide reach – the more email addresses you have on your database, the more people your communications are reaching.

Once you’ve sorted the basics, how do you increase your open rates and engagement with your customers? You need to be giving them timely, relevant content that influences purchasing behaviour. Personalise their emails, your subject lines and track the open rate and activity within your email, for example if you’re adding links through to products or services on your website or personalised offers.

You’ll also be generating additional traffic to your website as a direct result of your email marketing campaign, will in turn improve your SEO.

Theres also the added benefit of generating brand advocates as a result of the communication you’ll be having with your customers. If you’re providing timely, well thought out, interesting and relevant content for them then they will continue to open, read and act upon the information you’re giving them. Continue with this, build on those long-term relationships and continue to foster new ones.

A few top tips from us

Before we end our blog, we thought we’d share a few top tips from our team of experts on email marketing.

· Personalise your content – you've got their name, use it!

· Don’t bombard your customer base with irrelevant content

· Optimise your emails for mobile - or it won’t get read

· Stay true to your brand

· Include a CTA (call to action) - ‘read more’ or ‘buy now’

· Create interesting subject lines for your emails

· Stand out – use case studies, testimonials or video in your email content

We know not everything works right first time, so don’t be afraid to try again. Change things and optimise the performance of your email campaigns for the good of your company.

Finally, make sure this activity is just part of your overall marketing strategy - good luck!