Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

I’ve said this before, but as head of marketing strategy for a digital marketing agency now it comes with even more emphasis. You don’t have to have an amazing all singing, all dancing strategy, you just have to have one.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

I’ve said this before, but as head of marketing strategy for a digital marketing agency now it comes with even more emphasis. You don’t have to have an amazing all-singing, all dancing strategy, you just have to have one.  

The word strategy may conjure up fear in some people, but essentially what I'm talking about is having a plan. Knowing what you want to achieve, knowing your brand and most importantly knowing your audience. In this blog we’ll explore the best options. 

Starting with a plan stands you in good stead for achieving success, but when you’re creating your plan you need to consider the wider picture and the channels, you’re going to use to create your success.  

In our last blog PR for brand awareness we talked about using PR to generate awareness at the start of your customer buying funnel. PR is traditionally looked upon as a ‘traditional’ form of marketing but it plays an important part of your overall marketing strategy. 

Traditional marketing 

Let’s explore the term ‘traditional marketing’ a little further and how this will still feature in your overall marketing activity. Traditional marketing generally refers to any marketing activity that isn’t online; printed adverts, billboards, press releases for magazines, tv and radio. While this form of marketing has its place within your plan of activity and campaigns, it’s often harder to track direct ROI as a result, despite its tried and trusted methods over the years.  

Having said this, traditional forms of marketing have a justified place within your overall marketing strategy, a well-placed print advert can have a lasting impact on a campaign or brand when timed right and used in conjunction with say, digital marketing activity 

Excitable Edgar 

A great example of this is the infamous John Lewis Christmas advert – traditionally the eagerly anticipated advert from the retailer is played out on TV in one of the most sought-after slots of the festive period. But, in addition to this the retailer also works very hard for the majority of the year in the lead up to its advert launch to create a buzz around the launch.  

In the lead up to the 2019 TV advert launch, the retailer released ‘anonymous’ teasers on Twitter and Snapchat using the hashtag #ExcitableEdgar. This 10 second teaser advert created a buzz and searches for the phrase ‘is this the next John Lewis advert?’. Using the power of social media to enhance their marketing activity is a great example of the very close link between the traditional and digital marketing techniques and how they can be successfully used to complement each other. 

The blend of traditional and digital marketing can work very well. Creating an advert for print and a series of TV or radio adverts all complemented by digital advertising and fresh and engaging content online, can all work to drive new enquiries or sales of your product or service. 

Current climate - digital marketing wins 

We’re currently living and working through some very strange times, businesses are looking at what the next few months hold, how 2021 is going to pan out and making cuts across the board to their staffing costs, building rental fees and marketing spend. 

With the recent major changes in how we work as a workforce and the mop up from a global pandemic it is more and more important to have a digitally literate and savvy business. Don’t lose focus on the core ‘traditional’ elements of the marketing mix but ensure your social media marketing strategies are in place – now is the perfect time to understand how connected you are with your customers. 

Take time to reflect on where you’re at from a digital perspective – understand and refocus on what really matters. Use digital marketing to ensure you continue with reach and awareness and remain in contact with your potential and existing customers, even if you're not spending a huge amount on social 

Prioritise your marketing activity 

There’s already a lot of chatter around Christmas, it comes earlier every year but this year people are already starting to think about using it as an extended period of time to recoup some lost revenue for their business. Others are already looking at how 2021 will look for their business and rightly so; it’s important to take the knowledge we have now of how we’ve worked, adapted and survived as businesses over the last 5 months and utilise the traditional marketing elements and apply digital marketing to their strategies.  

If you’re unsure, seek advice and share best practice. Continue to use your mix of marketing methods, look at the advantages of digital marketing. Drive your brand story – increase, trust, transparency and the use of social media and digital marketing is a great way of doing that.