Bing Ads - Don't Underappreciate Them

Advertisers tend to pay for advertising through Google Adwords alone. A powerful tool is often neglected- but it can significantly boost clickthrough rates (or CTR) and returns on investment (or ROI) at a much lower cost-per-click (or CPC). You might wonder, is there such a thing? Yes, there is, and it’s the underappreciated Bing Ads.

Bing Ads - Don't Underappreciate Them

Bing Ads is a Google Adwords alternative that has started gaining attention for a good reason-
not everyone uses Google. Some computers still use the default search engines upon
manufacture. These search engines include Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and the like. Even if you think
Google is the best among the rest, other people think otherwise and see other search engines
work just as the fine as Google.

In this article, we listed some of the benefits and unique features of Bing Ads.

Other Search Engines Support Bing Ads

Unlike Google Adwords, Bing Ads appear in searches in Yahoo and AOL. The reach of the ads manages to grab the attention of audiences in different search engine platforms. Also, the text ads and display-based ads of Bing don’t highlight the “Ad” text, which makes it easy for viewers to click through the ad.

If you have a Google campaign, it’s easy to import Expanded Text Ads (or ETA) in Google Adwords to Bing Ads. You don’t have to do everything from scratch with Bing Ads if you can import existing ETAs in other platforms to Bing Ads. You get to create a new campaign with just a simple click, saving time and energy.

Bing Ads Offer Users an Advanced Analytics Tracking Software

Bing Ads have special tracking software with advanced analytics that help users with their campaign performance. Users can test keywords, exclude specific underperforming keywords, and find out the best time for ads to posted using Bing’s analytics. 

With Bing’s advanced analytics tracking software, creating flexible campaigns become possible. With Bing’s analytics, you can see the statistics for traffic that each search partner directs to your site. You can choose and limit search partners based on the report and only allow ads in search partners with higher CTRs.

Bing’s analytics help users save money by creating campaigns that do the most efficient targetting. Another feature possible with Bing Ads is to customize ads to target specific audiences according to the device they’re using. As a Googe Adwords alternative, Bing Ads also allows users to customize the target audience according to age, location, and gender.

Bing Ads Offer Lower CPCs and Higher ROI

Bing Ads have a lower cost per click than Google Adwords by an average of 33%. Since there are fewer audiences in other search engines compared to Google, there are fewer ads from the competition. Making your ad stand-out in Google among already established ads is a difficult task and can delay ROI. If advertisers simultaneously use Bing Ads with Google Ads, they’d have a higher chance of getting ROI faster. With a campaign running in a Google Adwords alternative, you’re going to attract audiences that you wouldn’t have met without Bing Ads.

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