About NoVoodoo

Our founders David and Sarah are business owners and entrepreneurs who have successfully launched and grown businesses in a range of sectors. As a result, they understand the need for a real business-first approach to marketing.

We know it is essential for you to know who you are trusting with such a critical aspect of your business. Therefore, we ensure clients can meet with our team either in person or via video calls whenever needed.

Although we have a vast amount of digital experience, we position ourselves as a marketing agency with a ‘360 approach’. By this, we mean that we’ll work with you to gain a real understanding of what you want to achieve, what you’ve already done before we even start working with you. It’s of the utmost importance to us that from the outset we understand your priorities and focus on creating a strategy that delivers and effectively.

It’s all about your business, your objectives, your goals and your industry knowledge. It’s all about data, optimisation and results. For a more in-depth insight into NoVoodoo, check out our videos below.


NoVoodoo's Digital Marketing Approach - It's All About You

Find out why David and Sarah created digital marketing agency, NoVoodoo.

As a digital marketing agency, what are NoVoodoo's core values?

What exaclty can clients expect when using NoVoodoo for digital marketing?

What is the vision for NoVoodoo as a digital marketing agency?

We ask Alexandra Bavin why she chose to take work for NoVoodoo.

A business is nothing without it's team so how are you building this at NoVoodoo?

The name NoVoodoo is very unique, so what made you choose this?

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies, what makes NoVoodoo different?

Relationships are important in business, how do NoVoodoo approach this?


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