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Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an easy-to-use, web-based tool that simplifies the process of adding/removing/editing tags on your website, as it eliminates the need to edit the source code.

Google Tag Manager Agency

At NoVoodoo, we use Google Tag Manager in order to track accurate results from your website and advertising campaigns. This is so we can create reports based on real results, and also use these results to maximise campaign performance.

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How does Google Tag Manager work?

Google Tag Manager takes away the need for placing multiple codes on your website, as it has its own container tag. This is because the same code is used for each page, so it doesn’t have to be rewritten.

The three main components needed for Google Tag Manager to work properly are:


What are tags?

Tags are snippets of code (e.g. Google Analytics Global Site Tag) that send key information to third-party tools (e.g. Google Analytics) ,and are used to track what happens on your web pages.

Usually, these tags will need to be added into the code in the head of every webpage. However, with GTM, your tags will be added to every page automatically, as the code is actually added to Google Tag Manager. This means you can control all of your tags within a single web user interface.

You can also check that the code is working and installed correctly within GTM.

What are triggers?

Triggers tell a tag to fire when an event (e.g. form submission, button click, page view) is detected. At least one trigger is required by a tag, in order for the tag to be fired. When a tag is fired, it will collect the information (e.g. form submission) and be stored where you choose (e.g. Google Analytics).

What are variables?

Variables allow you to collect more specific information. Variables are named placeholders for values that will change (e.g. product name, date, price). There are many pre-defined variables that you can select from within GTM, and you can also build custom variables. For example, they can be used when you want to track certain actions, such as clicks on a specific URL.

Is Google Tag Manager free?

Yes, Google Tag Manager is completely free to download and use, so this fantastic tool is available to everyone.


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