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Tracking your conversions is essential if you want to understand how your marketing campaigns are working, and to identify where they can be improved.

Call Tracking Agency

Call tracking (although it may not be an online conversion) is an important part of this process, as you may be hugely underestimating the number of leads/enquiries of your campaigns, and falsely thinking that they are underperforming. There are many options available when it comes to call tracking software. At NoVoodoo, we ensure that all campaigns are using call tracking where necessary, so that we can make informed decisions on any digital marketing activity.

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What is call tracking?

Many types of call tracking software will enable you to identify where your marketing campaigns are generating calls and where they are not, without having to ask your customer where they heard of you. This is usually tracked through dynamic number insertion. A good example of this is Responsetap.

Does your business need call tracking?

If your business receives phone calls from customers, then you should be using call tracking. It is important to understand where/how your customers are finding you, in order to know whether your digital marketing efforts are effective or not.

Do you use call tracking for SEO?

Call tracking does have the potential to harm your SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts when not used correctly. This is because one of the important factors to take into account for SEO is NAP (name, address and phone number). If your phone number appears to be different in a number of places, search engines may reduce your ranking, as this is seen to be confusing.

However, if you ensure your call tracking system includes necessary precautions to guarantee search engines are not able to see your call tracking numbers (and only your actual phone number), there will be no negative effect.

Call tracking in Google Ads

It is possible to use call tracking within Google Ads. This can either be done by using a call extension - where your phone number is replaced by a Google forwarding number - or via a third party dynamic number insertion program.


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